About the Germans (7)

Diese Woche in “About the Germans”…

…die Fotos von Angela Merkel in der Washington Post (ja, sie konnten es sich nicht verkneifen, die Fotos auch selber zu drucken), zusammen mit folgenden Zeilen:

The photos were splashed across the top-circulating tabloid in Germany this week — Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “secret family life” uncovered for all to see.

The secret? That she has a private life.

…eine kleine Stadt ganz groß im Magazin der New York Times. Baiersbronn im Schwarzwald, sieben Michelin-Sterne. 

But Baiersbronn is now on its way to becoming recognized as the world’s most unexpected restaurant capital. The Bareiss’s rival, the Schwarzwaldstube, at the Hotel Traube Tonbach, also has three Michelin stars, giving this isolated municipality the same number of three-star restaurants as London and twice as many as Chicago.

Denn in Deutschland gebe es nicht nur die in den USA so oft gepriesenen Ingenieure:

In his last State of the Union address, President Obama said America should emulate Germany’s knack for producing skilled workers — “high-school students with the equivalent of a technical degree from one of our community colleges.” He was referring specifically to fields like engineering and computer science, but he could just as easily have been talking about high-end cooking. In the same way that Germany succeeds at making drills and luxury automobiles, the country’s apprenticeship process is successfully creating top restaurants.

…die (bald) besten Fußballer der Welt bei NBC. Klar, das wussten wir auch schon alles selber. Bloß manche Sätze verwundern:

The experience of players like Philipe Lahm, Per Mertesacker and Marcel Jansen remain, but they won’t be around forever. (Marcell Jansen, wirklich?)

Keine Erwähnung finden dagegen: Lukas Podolski und Mario Gomez.

Fazit der Autoren:

While the 2014 World Cup may come to soon for this brilliant German side, with South American conditions favouring Brazil and Argentina, there is no doubt that they could dominate international soccer for many years to come.

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